ken sheriffs ir library help

Hey has anyone had any experience with basically the only ir library out there? I can't send anything, atleast not correctly, the led is working and all the device just isn't reacting
I got the nec code with the library (38c7) and used the ir.sendNEC(0x38c7,15) but its notworking
Does anyone have any working code examples of sending data? Like how its stored and stuff, especially using raw codes would be helpful

Do you have a transistor driving your IR LED? They often need more power than an Arduino pin can provide so direct connecting gets you a VERY short range.

I thought that so I have a 220 ohm resistor for max safe current, and the device( ir controllable led light) less than a foot away
also my phone shows that the original ir remote isn't much brighter, also the device is quite sensitive and works well off reflections even
im thinking im just not formatting the data properly or not giving it the proper data atleast in the case of the raw data
I don't understand why the nec doesn't work because im using the data dumped from the irdump example, and I tried different bit lengths

Ah, figure out how to send nec and rc5 codes, I had it in the wrong format, however I still can't get a raw sequence to work, any ecperience with hai lighting control with ir reciever? Im taking the raw code from its original remote and resending it with no apparent results on the device