Kernel Panic on mac Os 11.4

Hi there!
So i'm new to use arduino on mac (i've been using arduino on Windows for some time now). So my problem is that I'm controlling 2 9g servos via an MPU6050 and an Arduino Uno (it happens wether I use a generic one or the original) and sometimes when I upload the code my mac crashes and shows the kernel panic message. I don't exactly know what is causing the problem because I am able to use this arduino sometimes, but other times it crashes without an apparent reason.
Anybody can help?
Thank you a lot!!!

it would be interesting to look at the crash log to see what happened.

if you have one, try adding an USB hub in between your Mac and your Arduino. If there is something fishy (due to the motors or bad wiring or whatever) happening on the voltage of the USB line then it will be caught by your hub and not your Mac. (it should not crash, the USB port should just shut down in protection but may be something bad happens at low level in the driver)

Thanks for your answer.
I already have a USB hub since my macbook only has USB-C ports. In addition I can't find the kernel panic file. I wonder if maybe this problem is caused by the drivers I have installed. I have the CH341SER drivers.

I don't have much experience with macOS, but I was under the impression that CH341 drivers were pre-installed. Did you download the driver from the manufacturer's website and install them manually?

Well, since I was using a generic board I did install the drivers manually, and it never caused me a problem.

Where did you get the drivers from?

I don't know, a friend send them to me. Aren't there drivers that work properly?

As pert said if you run one the latest (current or previous) version of OS X then the drivers are built in

Okay, so should I uninstall the drivers that I have installed manually?

I think it is a good thing to try. They shouldn't be necessary and they might be the cause of the problem. You always have the option of installing them again later if you find that uninstalling them caused a problem.

That's what I'm going to do, I'll post if everything goes okay :slight_smile:

Sorry for replying so late I had a few problems with my mac.
So as pert recommended I uninstalled the drivers manually and indeed these drivers were the cause of the problem, since I deleted the drivers I haven't had any more kernel panic issues.
Thank you all for your time :slight_smile: !!!

I'm glad to hear it's working now. Thank you for taking the time to post an update with your findings. I'm sure those who find this thread while searching for a solution to the same problem will be very grateful.

Regards, Per

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