Kettle Temperature Buzzer


I am trying to make something that will alert me when my kettle reaches about 40C/100F.

So far, I have:

and I followed DS18B20 (Digital Temperature Sensor) and Arduino - Arduino Project Hub and got it to work.

I also have:

I am fairly new to arduino and the programming language, which I know is based off of C. I know some other languages, such as html, CSS and js, and some python, which I know are very different, but gives me a context.

Knowing that, and my ideal water temp, is there another tutorial that shows either:

a. how to connect the buzzer, alter the code, and sound an alarm when the ideal temp is reached?
b. how to connect both the LCD and buzzer, alter the code, to show the temperature on the LCD and sound an alarm when the ideal temp is reached?

FYI, Arduino sketches are C++, not C. They are quite similar but C++ has some extra features.

You may not find a tutorial specific to your exact project. In that case, you can instead look for information on each component of the project:

  • How to use the buzzer.
  • How to use the LCD.
  • etc.

Once you understand how to use each component individually and have verified they are working, it will be easier to combine them into the finished project. Be sure to save the simple sketches you wrote/found for each component as these may serve as helpful tests later if you need to do troubleshooting.

There is a swag of tutorials out there and the ARduino IDE package contains working examples for LCD etc.

Thank you. I've made some progress. I have the temperature sensor working and the buzzer buzzes when it reaches a certain temperature.

Next I'd like to add the LCD to show the temp, and getting it to turn on and off to keep the temp in range.

Having the 1602 LCD mentioned above, I don't have a connector from it to my bread board. I see an "IC2" option that some have, like

Can I add something to my LCD without soldering, or do I need to either get a new one or solder something to it?

No. There's no way to use that LCD without soldering. Even if you purchase that I2C module, you still need to solder it to the LCD. You can buy LCDs that have the I2C module already connected, and they are barely more expensive than the LCD modules without the I2C. You can use your LCD without the I2C module, that is what the official Arduino LiquidCrystal library was written for, but the I2C is nice because it uses up less of the pins on your Arduino board.

You might also consider an LCD shield. No soldering, and you get to play around with buttons to set menus etc.

thank you. I've looked into both, and for now, I've ordered a

I think I just realized what you meant with the LCD shield.

I am wanting to offer input for the user: "Do you want Option A or Option B - to boil, then let cool to set temp, or heat to set temp?"

An LCD shield would be a good option to do that?

The LCD shield is just the LCD module and some buttons on a PCB that plugs directly into the top of your Uno:

Yes, that's what I was implying, and the above shield is an example. Note that the pin order in the code Setup is different to that for the bare module. An example is

LiquidCrystal lcd(8,9,4,5,6,7);

I don't know if they are all the same, but they seem to be. I was a bit fast and loose about soldering and, while the shield gets you out of having to do it for the LCD, you are surely going to have to do it eventually.

ok, I get it now. Thank you, I ordered an LCD shield.

I bought two things - an LCD shield and an LCD with an IIC/I2C board.

I found the LCD shield covers most of the arduino pins, not leaving room for my temperature sensor and buzzer wires.

As the LCD with IIC/I2C board only has 4 prongs/pins, it leaves enough room on the arduino, so I set it up and programmed it.

Right now it will beep when a certain temperature is reached, which is set in the code.

I'd like to set it up so it allows for custom temperature with up/down buttons, and ask some yes/no questions. I like the idea of buttons I see on the LCD shield, so I looked into it and found keypads, like

Ideally I'd like something like panel1 — ImgBB, with an LCD panel, input buttons, and LEDs, which has 6 buttons. Thinking I'd like 8.

Are there readily available items I can get to make something like that?

The LCD shield I posted previously has an extra through hole for each free pin. So you can just solder wires or connectors to those to connect your sensor and buzzer.

ok, I see them. The one I have has the same holes. Thank you.