key pad and password

I want to use 4*4 key pad to get a passwort to one program.
I’ve found some programs on the net but I couldn’t realize all.
I want ask you a program which could get a 4 digit password such as “1234” and check if ti is true or not, if it was true, just give boolean true and if it was false gove a false value.
thank you so much.

keypad's are essentialy just button input's so what you need to do is check if an input is high (the button is pressed) then add the character to your string (somthing like string = string + 2 if the button was nr 2).

then you need to have another string which makes shure that the button is released so that if the loop is going realy fast and you are still pressing the button when it reaches for the second time it doen't record 2 2's.

then you just need an if statement who checkes if the pass string equeals the password that you choose and then set's the boulean to true and an else statement to set it to false.

It's pretty easy

Thanks. But I mean by using keypad.h and password.h

I've found some programs on the net but I couldn't realize all.

The password library doesn't care where the characters come from - the serial port, a file on an SD card, a keypad, or randomly generated.

The keypad library doesn't care what you do with the keys.

What have YOU tried? What did the code not do that you wanted it to do? What did it do that you didn't want it to do?