Keyboard control using bluetooth module HC-05

Is it possible to mimic the functionality of arrow keys (navigation keys) of the laptop using Arduino and using the HC-05 module? Like I have 4 inputs i.e. push button/touch sensor ( each for one arrow key) and when I press it, the functionality of the arrow key is performed on the laptop.

Which Arduino board do you have ?

Atmega 2560

As far as I am aware that board does not support the use of the Keyboard library which allows an Arduino to send keystrokes to the PC as if they had come from a keyboard, unlike boards such as the Leonardo which use the ATMEGA32U4 processor

Suppose I change the board, then how can I program it?
I have gone through the documentation of the Keybaord library but could not figure out the use of the BlueTooth module.

You receive the Bluetooth commands by a serial interface. Conveniently the Leonardo has a second serial interface separate from the USB serial interface.

Having received the Bluetooth commands you interpret them and use the Keyboard library functions to send the appropriate keyboard commands to the PC via the USB serial interface

Ok, since I am a newbie so kindly bear with me. So I have 4 sensors integrated with the board( now suppose it is Leonardo or ESP), so when I touch the sensor, the value is read, and now based on this value, I want to send the command using the HC-05 module to the laptop to perform the key operation. So can you please confirm for me that the Keybaord library will work in the aforementioned library? Moreover, if only USB serial interface will work, then let me know as well.

Your more complete description of the requirements changes things considerably as you do not want the Arduino to send keyboard commands to the PC, rather you want to send data to the PC via Bluetooth that will be interpreted as keyboard commands.

In order to do that you will need software on the PC that takes serial input from Bluetooth data sent by the Arduino, interprets it as keyboard commands and passes it on to a PC application. None of that requires that the Arduino uses the Keyboard library

Do you have such an application on the PC ?

The Arduino side of things should be easy

So after reading your response, I came to the conclusion that as per my requirements, I will have to have an application (which I do not have) that will respond to the data sent through the Bluetooth module. But actually, I am looking for a solution to control the keyboard navigation keys using pushbuttons/sensors which can work like normal keys i.e page up-down, cursor movement, etc. So what do you recommend for it.

You will need an RN42 bluetooth module which can be seen as an HID keyboard by the PC. They are expensive compared to the
HC05 and there are not many breakout boards carrying the module.

There are videos and references online about flashing RN42 firmware into an HC05, but success appears to vary.

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