keyboard control

hi i need your help .

do you now any one how to control letter or number from keyboard ?


i used 6 push button input of arduino control and when i push to give me number of letter from keyboard

Where do you want to see or use this number ?

I don't understand your question. Can you please descibe with more details. If you want faster answers you have to take more time for describing your problem with much more words.

If you just type in a few words trying to be fast. All that happends is slowing everything down, because the others have to ask back for more details.

best regards Stefan

my question is can i programing the alduino if i used input contact ( push button) and the give to laptop
number or letter


pinMode ( 1,INPUT);

keyboard ( active A)

Hi asavva

simply, yes you can. You do need an arduino that has the capability to do this -

the arduino micro pro would be my choice.

I developed a keypress simulator for testing usb input, details are on my site here (over 4 pages)

hopefully you will find the explanation clear and the code well documented.

All you would need to do is strip out a lot of the code, and add a few lines to read switches.

Just get back to me if you ned more help.

Which Arduino board do you have ?

Have you looked at the Keyboard library if you have a suitable Arduino ?

In general, do not use pins 0 or 1 for anything but Serial

hi i have arduino UNO

I see only the leonardo alduino you have the access to control the keyboard ?

Actually any 32u4 or SAMD micro based board such as the (Leonardo, Esplora, Zero, Due and MKR Family