Keyboard Emulation

Hi all,

I've seen a lot of solution to emulate USB keyboards with Arduino, but I'm interested in doing it without other cables than the Arduino's one. Is it possibile ? There are updates in this topic ?


if you want an USB keyboard, the arduino UNO usb/serial chip can be reprogrammed “easily” to do so.
with a normal arduino you can try to simulate a ps2 keyboard or mouse… just take a look here:
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Thank you for your answer.

What about the programmable Arduino UNO ? Do you have some link ?


Take a look at my blog here: Arduino Hacking. I describe how to turn your UNO into a USB HID Keyboard which lets it behave like a USB keyboard.

If you don't want to use any extra hardware, and dont want to mess with any messy reprogramming of the 8u2/you don't have an uno, check this out:,67240.0.html

Awesome !

I have to spend more time with the search tool :)