keyboard.h won't print @ character

So I'm running a pro micro but cant get it to press/print or write the @ symbol using the keyboard.h lib to send the character to my PC.

tried using alt + 64 before someone suggests that.

so 63 works output is ?
and 65 works output is A
but 64 gives me "

tried using both the Dec value and '@' symbol

any ideas ?
is this not a printable character ?

Thanks Ian

What is the keyboard language on the PC?

If it’s not a standard QWERTY keyboard then you’ll have such issues.

Read this article for more details (use an online translator if you don’t read french)

I'm Assuming you're using a UK layout, On a US layout Shift-2 = @ and on a UK layout Shift-2 = "
So your issue kinda makes sense ( if you are indeed using a UK layout).

try this... KEY_RIGHT_SHIFT);
    Keyboard.release( KEY_RIGHT_SHIFT);

Thanks B-D-N that's spot on karma added.

Can I ask where you referenced that from as most of the values on work fine .

But there has been a few that don't match up.

Thanks Ian.

You're welcome Ian,

I should have explained myself earlier.

Once I realised Shift + 2 and Alt + 64 give the same result it dawned on me we could just use Shift + apostrophe to get the @ symbol ( on a UK keyboard ) and the code for apostrophe turned out to be 39.

if you google translate the link I gave you in the first answer, you'll have more details and code you can adjust to deal with other characters that could pose problems.

I took a quick look J-M-L at that post I've added it to shortcuts to read later.

Although I can see in the code that it shows the same thing.

I really need to sit down and go through at least the US and UK keyboard differences when I have time.

Thanks for your help