I'll be the first to admit "I haven't tried this yet", but with looking to use button presses from the Arduino Due to represent computer key presses in a DAW or VST.

I've looked at the IDE Keyboard .h & .cpp trying to find a Space bar, but there wasn't one. looked on the net and at AACII to find hex 0x20 is needed. In the Keyboard .cpp 0x20 = the number 3. Number 3 should be 0x33. 0x36 is , a comma when it should be 0x2C and many more.

Am I missing something or would I be correct to avoid including keyboard .h?


I don't know about any of that but I can tell you that, at least on the ATmega32U4 boards:

Keyboard.write(' ');

is the same thing as hitting the space bar. I'm certain it will be the same for Due.

Thank you for that pert.