Keyboard not understanding swedish.

I am writing text thru arduino Micro Keyboard.h. My problem is that it writes with us keyboard and I'm having a swedish keyboard (Installed by windows).
If I write an "(" it appears on the screen as ")", If I change my keyboard settings to "ENG" then it works. But then is my physical keyboard wrong, I mean characters have moved.
Do you how know I can fix this? Now I must test each character and then change it to another character, just to fool us keyboard to write the character I need.

My code:
if (teck == 40) // OK
else if (teck == 41) // OK
else if (teck == 43) // OK
else if (teck == 44) // OK
else if (teck == 45) // OK
Keyboard.print("/") ;
else if (teck == 46) // OK
Keyboard.print(".") ;
else if (teck == 61)
How can I configure it to use the keyboard I'm using or how can I configure it to always use "ENG" keyboard. I have of course a real keyboard which I'm using to, this is only for special actions.