Keyboard.print part of a string?

Yes I'm a newbee,

I know the solution is simple, but I've searched for a couple of hours on google and this forum and I'm desperate.

I have a string and i would like to print it out ignoring the 1st 9 characters in the string.

Keyboard.print(serInString [9]);

only prints character 9. I'm stuck.

Thanks in advance for the solution. It has to be simple but I'm not getting it.

The quest continues.

Always remember that a char array name equates to the memory address of where that array is stored in memory. In the following example:

void setup() {
  char input[] = {"0123456789ABCDEFGHIJK"};
  Serial.println("Show from the 9th character onward:");

void loop() {

Suppose the input[] array is stored at memory location 100. This means zero (‘0’) is stored at memory location 100, ‘1’ is at memory location 101, and so on. So, to print from the 9th character on, you must use the index number 8 because C arrays are zero-based. Therefore, the last line used the address of operator, &, to tell the Serial object to print characters starting at memory address 108. If you wanted to print the entire string, you could use:

Serial.println(input); // Proof that the array name is the same as the lvalue of the array.

and the program would print the entire string with either statement. Run the program and you’ll see how that works out.

perfect explanation.