Keyboard.println() on Leonardo does nothing (for me).

The following sketch does nothing:

void setup()

void loop()
    Keyboard.println("Now is the time...");

The Leonardo shows up in Windows 7 as 'Arduino Leonardo (COM10)' and 'USB Input Device'. I can add Serial.print() and that shows up. Can't see what I'm doing wrong.

Could you use Keyboard.print() instead Keyboard.println() ? After uploading the sketch, disconnect the Leonardo. Open a text editor and connect the Leonardo.

Do you use the newest Arduino 1.0.3 ?

Done - still nothing. I'm using 1.5.1r2, as I have a Due - I'll try it now with 1.0.3.

Yep. 1.0.3 fixed it. Thanks.

1.5.2 is the newest for the Due. Both version paths will soon be the same I hope.