keyboard problem

hi there i’ve downloaded the keyboard ps/2 library and i wanted to compile and run the test code of it

this is the code

#include <PS2Keyboard.h>

#define DATA_PIN 4

#define “ARDUINO”

#define C 100

#if defined ARDUINO && ARDUINO >= C

include “Arduino.h”


PS2Keyboard keyboard;

void steup(){



void loop() {
if(keyboard.available()) {
byte dat =;
byte val = dat - ‘0’;

if(val >= 0 && val <= 9) {
Serial.print(val, DEC);
} else if(dat == PS2_KC_ENTER) {
} else if(dat == PS2_KC_ESC) {

and this is the error msg

sketch_may20a.ino:7:9: error: macro names must be identifiers

i dont understand what is wrong in my code…btw it will help alot of people i believe

thanks from advance

Should those quotes around "ARDUINO" be there ? I presume thatvoid steup(){is a typo

Please edit your post and change the quote tags to code tags to make it easier to read.

i dont understand i worte the "arduino" becuase it said its unidentified or something like that...

i tryed to use the keyboard test ccp file i found on arduino and it didnt work (didnt compiled) so i searched for a bit and saw that the file of the lubrary contain the word wprogram or something like that and someone told to change it to arduino.h instead

but then when i used that file it still didnt cimpiled and people told me to write down in my code

to #inckude "arduino" and all that shit at the begining

maybe one of u have a keybaord ps2 libraray that function properrly on arduino mega 2560?

i want to scan the keyboard and see if i press for example A if i can get it on the LCD screen...thats all i wanted maybe one of you have a code that does that?

Should those quotes around "ARDUINO" be there ?

The whole #define is not supposed to be there. The ARDUINO name is defined, or not, by the IDE before invoking the preprocessor.

#define "ARDUINO"

#define C  100

#if  defined ARDUINO &&  ARDUINO >=  C
# include "Arduino.h"

What is that doing there? The Arduino IDE puts the right header file in for you. You don't need any of that - delete it.