Keyboard stroke "CTRL+Q"

Dear all,

I am sorry for my stupid question. I hope you can forgive me.

I have an Arduino Uno on which I have tried to use the "Keyboard()" command.
After searching a bit, I have found that this is not possible with Uno, but with a 32u4 microcontroller (Arduino® Board ATmega 32u4, Arduino® Leonardo).

In my case, I need to have an Arduino which emulates the "CTRL+Q" sequence on a keyboard.
As I would press it manually.

According to my knowledge, CTRL+Q is:

17 Dec
11 Hex
DC1 Char

I could use the method Keyboard.write() (press and release the button, keeps the button pressed).


Is that correct?
Which board do you suggest to me? (Board ATmega 32u4, and Leonardo have almost the same price, here in Germany).

You said...

That's mean below.;`q`);

Keyboard.write() is one tap! It's released soon as press.
If use write(), means just press them in order, not at the same time.

Although it is not an official board, I recommend Pro micro.
It is the smaller Leonardo.

Hi Chris,

therefore I shall have understood wrongly. I was thinking that the complete sequence "CTRL+Q" is equivalent to 17 in the decimal system, 11 in Hexadecimal, DC1 in char.
And I was thinking that, since the Keyboard.write() method takes either a Dec or Hex or Char as argument, I could have used it.

The Keyboard.write() doesn't send ASCII characters. It translates ASCII characters into the keycodes of the US-EN keyboard that have the character on it. It can also control the Shift so it can pick either character on the key. Anything that is not a character that appears on the US-EN keyboard has to be done with multiple keystrokes.

NOTE: The Keyboard library assumes your OS is set to the US-EN keyboard layout. If the 'Q' on your keyboard is on a different key than on the US-EN keyboard, use the character on the key in the same position. For example, on the French (AZERTY) keyboard the A and Q are swapped. To get a "Ctrl-Q" you would have to use:;`a`);   // 'q' key on French layout

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