Keyes GSM/GPRS Shield Library

So I just bought Keyes GSM shield for my Arduino Uno and I am having trouble uploading the sketch from the GSM Library Included in the Arduino IDE. Can somebody help me with the library the works well with my GSM Shield or help me with the coding snd stuff..? Thanks. :)

Link to shield? Does it have jumpers? If so, how are they set?

Here is my shield( It is Uno compatible so I just stick it together and I'm stack in "SMS Message Sender" message in the serial monitor.

It looks identical to the IcomSat device. Try this thread.

Is it normal that I cant properly upload a sketch to my UNO with my gsm shield attached? :(

If anything interferes with communication by using pins D0 & D1 then yes, it is. If you remove the shield and it works then it is using D0 & D1.

So I have to manually wire my shield to my UNO? If that so, what are the only pins necessary? thanks.

If you have moved the Rx / Tx select jumpers away from D0 & D1 you shouldn't have a problem?