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Buongiorno a tutti;
Avrei bisogno di un aiuto, ho acquistato questo sensore per misurare la qualità dell’ aria.
Dato che nel progetto che sto facendo necessito di 2 sensori ho di conseguenza bisogno di cambiare L indirizzo di uno dei due; qualcuno sa dirmi se è possibile cambiarlo e come?
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Goodmorning everyone; I need help, I purchased this sensor to measure air quality. Since in the project I'm doing I need 2 sensors, I therefore need to change the address of one of the two; can anyone tell me if it is possible to change it and how? Thanks in advance

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From what I can see it doesn't seem you can change the address.
However there are other ways of using two I2C devices with the same address together.


arduino 2 i2c devices with same address

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Here is a solution I found to work and the url for it is in the image.

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sorry but I can't find the page and I should see the associated program

That link is over tow years old so mat have expired.

Try this link to another forum thread, I have even supplied a sample of my code?

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This is the link cited in the circuit.

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can I read the values ​​of the 2 sensors at the same time in this way?Because my aim is to monitor two rooms and see both values ​​on the LCD display at the same time

Yes you can, you read them one after the other as if they had different addresses.

It just there is a couple of more lines of code involved but that won't change the appearance of simultaneous readings.

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