Keyglove one-handed input device

Hi everyone,

I had a post up on the old Arduino forum about the Keyglove project here:,8723.0.html ...then I went to post an update and discovered that it's read-only. Oops. So I decided to create a new one here.

I'm making good headway on the Keyglove-to-PC interface, with USB working entirely and Bluetooth very close. My experiments with BCM2042-based modules (like the BP20422 and others) have been instructive. The guys at Wayne and Layne even created a great custom breakout board for me. But I don't think I'll be able to use that chip because, as far as I can tell, it requires a full keyboard matrix connection and cannot be directly manipulated over I2C, SPI, or UART. I'm looking into the Bluegiga WT12 instead, and it looks amazing. I'll know more as soon as it arrives and I get to play with it a bit.

I'm also working on trying to get the Keyglove project up on Kickstarter. I think it would be a perfect venue. Any suggestions for different reward options would be readily accepted at any time.

If you're interested, check out the post with a lot of info on Bluetooth HID modules here:

i check out your website every once in a while ... I enjoy watching your progress. Sadly I am so wrapped up with other stuff at the moment, that I wont be trying this myself anytime soon, but yeah. Thumbs up for a cool project :-)


Another Keyglove update: I'm having great success with the Bluegiga WT12 Bluetooth module instead of the BCM2042-based modules. The documentation is very easily accessible and the company rep has been really helpful. You can control everything about it over a simple UART connection, which makes it perfect for Arduino-based projects.

I've also just finished designing a breakout board for it:

...incidentally, that's the first PCB I ever created. A lot of Googling, some reference info from the Wayne and Layne guys, and some very helpful info from Laen at DorkBotPDX made for a great crash course in Eagle CAD software, and that board is the end result. Of course, it will be a week at least before I get to see if it works. I built it for breadboard prototyping (side pin rows are 0.8" apart), but I also included a separate header for simple UART access (which is all you really need to do lots of stuff). You can skip adding the side pins and just use the UART header if you want, or the other way around, or some combination of both. There's also a power header and spots to put a couple of capacitors and an inductor included in some reference designs. However, I know from testing that those capacitors and the inductor aren't strictly necessary to run the board, so you can just leave off C1, C2, and L1 and solder the jumper pads underneath L1 together and be on your merry way.

In short, it's supposed to be really easy to use however you might want to.

One last thing: I finally got the Keyglove up on Kickstarter! Check it out if you are interested, but don't feel obligated to support it unless you really want to. You're also welcome to share the link with anyone you think might like it: