keyless lock entry, decoding ASK

I bought this remote,

and the reception,

Its working, because if I put a piezo electric, the frecuency can be heard making different tones wiht the different button press,

so, I havent found how to decode the ASK, Amplitude shift keying,
neither in the hardware nor software,

in the hardware Ive seen,

what are the values of the dc? for the comparation?, or a better schematic plz,

in the software I saw,
decoding radio control signals, but I havent understand how to implemmented to discover my 4 keys of the keyboard,

I plan to make a remoto control for a robot with this,


R/C signals aren't ASK, they're multiplexed PPM.
I'd suggest getting hold of an oscilloscope to try to work out the timing of the signalling.

hi, tnx for the answer

here you can see the remote works in ASK,

also in the reception module,

My suggestion would be to write a simple sketch to measure pulse lengths (both highs and lows), buffer the results (don't try to print and measure) and then print the values, then see if you can make sense of successive transmissions.
I hope you didn't get the rolling code transmitters!