Keypad And Password

Hello everyone,

I’m working on a project in which I’m using a keypad and the password library,

So if the password is correct my program do something but the problem is that my password is “1324” but when I type 1234 on my keypad and validate with * he only reads the last one so the “4” and tells me that the password is wrong,

I’d like you to teach me, if possible, how can I fix it please.

There’s also my program but since I didn’t tell you the whole project I don’t know how much it will be useful, and there might also be some other errors since I’m beginning and it’s my first “big” project.


Le_CodeA.ino (5.88 KB)

look at Mknott post from outsider for your answer its on this page

Oh I see, thanks!

I actually didn’t manage do make it work :confused:

If someone have another idea I’d really like it to be shared.