keypad does not name a type

Hello guys, I am using arduino ng to make my project. I just want to give input from keypad and get output from serial monitor I am using matrix keyboard with arduino and using keypad library. To initialize new keypad I am using

Keypad customkeypad = Keypad ( makeKeymap (hexaKeys), rowPins, colPins, ROWS, COLS)

Error: 'Keypad' does not name a type

Please reply soon

Where did you install the Keypad library? Where is the rest of your code?

The error message means, that the keyword "Keypad" can not be used to declare a type definition of your variable "customkeypad".

Check if you have typed the word Keypad correctly, otherwise you dont call the function from library. It is important to get upper and lower case characters correct.

Meaning "Keypad" is not the same as "keyPad".