Keypad Interface for door opening with PIN o-t-fly


anybody has interface a keypad with Arduino ? the project is simple:

A software on a Server send to Arduino a PIN --> Somebody can key the PIN and only that PIN... during a configurable timeout (1 minute for example) If Arduino recognize the PIN, it triggers on relay.

End of story.

I feel that it is simple and possible with Arduino, however, Keypads are only mecanicals matrix and I should catch the signal with a BiStable logic componente... or Arduino could process a pooling quick enaf to catch de input signal ?

Anybody can give me a clue ?

Thanks, Pierre.

you can find something on the c control elvaluation board:

Sorry to be a newbie,

some questions:

=> Where can I get information on the C evalutation board ?

=> The interface between FT232BM and ATMEGA8 takes a lot of digital lines from ATMEGA8. Is it absolutely necessary ?

=> Arduino NG (ATMEGA8) can't sense the USB inputs at run time ?

=> How FT232BM interface with ATMEGA8 at run time in the Arduino NG ? (same question!)

I am quite puzzled. Pierre.