keypad is repeating rows

ok, this is not a program issue. i have my project completely working fine on a breadboard.

i then made a copy of it on a perf board.

the issue im having is that my keypad is entering numbers like so.

1 2 3
4 5 6
1 2 3

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and i cant for the life me figure out why.

ive tried different key pads. all do the same thing. ive desoldered and resoldered the key pad and its connections multiple times. made sure there wasnt solder connecting between pins. ive checked and rechecked that i wired it up using the correct pins. it all looks correct.

and its still entering numbers like above.

is there something else i may not be thinking about that could be causing this odd behavior?

The connections to row 0 and row 2 are shorted

The connections to row 0 and row 2 are shorted

you know, i checked and checked to see if there was a short, but i went back and looked again and those two rows were on adjacent pins, so i moved one to a different pin and it works! even tho i still couldnt see any visible sign of a short you were correct! so thank you!