Keypad_I2C.h issue

Good Morning

Im tryng to connect a keypad via i2c to my Arduino UNO. I want connect the keypad by the MCP23017

I found this library

But i cannot compile the example File with this error

Arduino:1.8.2 (Mac OS X), Scheda:"Arduino/Genuino Uno"

In file included from /Users/damkihh/Documents/Arduino/libraries/Particle-Keypad-I2C-master/examples/HelloKeypad/HelloKeypad.ino:12:0: /Users/damkihh/Documents/Arduino/libraries/Particle-Keypad-I2C-master/src/Keypad_I2C.h:92:37: error: 'PinMode' has not been declared virtual void pin_mode(byte pinNum, PinMode mode) { ^ exit status 1

any ideas? thank you in advance..

From GitHub - esimkowitz/Particle-Keypad-I2C: Particle IDE Library for a keypad connected over I2C

Particle IDE Library for a keypad connected over I2C

I suspect the phrase “Particle IDE Library” is the clue to the problem. I have no experience with whatever the hell this Particle thing is but I’ve noticed a lot of people will add the “arduino” topic to these repositories but then when you look at it there are things that won’t actually work with the Arduino IDE so it’s a big time waste. It’s extremely annoying to me. It’s fine if they don’t want to use the Arduino IDE but if they’re going to advertise code as “Arduino” then it should work with Arduino!!!