Keyword shiftOut Issue

What kind of keyword can be used instead of shiftOut?

What is the context of your question ?
What are you trying to do ?
How and where do you want to use shiftOut() but not use shiftOut() ?

shiftOut is not a keyword, its a function in the Arduino runtime.

Keyword in a programming language means things like “if”, “while”, “return”.

Another transfer method, which uses dedicated hardware pins, is SPI.transfer().
D13 is the clock signal, data goes out on D11, data comes in on D12, and D10 must be set to an output, and D10 or another pin is used as chip select.
Default settings with an Uno for example are 4 MHz clock rate, MSBFIRST, SPI Mode 0 (clock starts out, returns to 0 after the transfer.
Clock speed may be set to 8 MHz, 4 MHz, 2 MHz, 1 MHz, 512KH, 256 KHz, 128 KHz, and 64 KHz.

Example use:

digitalWrite (chipSelectPin, LOW);
digitalWrite (chipSelecPin, HIGH);

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