keywords.txt file doesn't highlight keywords

I'm working on a project where I'm dividing the project down into separate classes. I'm using a keywords.txt file to highlight keywords. If I move my project into my library folder, it works fine, but if I put it somewhere else, it doesn't. How can I make Arduino IDE highlight the keywords in my class without having to move my entire project into my library folder?

This is my project folder

The code compiles, but keywords aren't highlighted..

As far as I understood you can just put an unreferenced library in the library folder (with keywords.txt)
and your keywords will be highlighted.
The ide seems to scan the library folder once on startup and builds a global list of all keywords.

The code compiles, but keywords aren’t highlighted…

Why is it so important to highlight the keywords, particularly when the IDE highlights keywords from any library not just the ones used in your program ?

Just create a new folder in your "libraries" folder, with a copy of the "keywords.txt" file in it. You don't need any other files in the folder.
(Just tried it, with a folder named "TempKeywords.)

Thanks for the idea, Whandall.