Kia soul Led strips and running parallels?

So books I have on the topic: Exploring Arduino

Programming Interactivity

Programimming Arduino Getting Started with Sketches

Programming Arduino Next Steps Going Further with Sketches

Then I have Hacking Electronics loaned out to a friend but could get it back if needed.

So I have a Kia Soul and it has a pair of led speakers stock. Would I be able to split the wire before the LEDs and run another set for say under my seat/ dash? The reason I want to do this is because it has a control switch already built in with two modes music and mood. Music is color selectively and mood just cycles through some colors.

Then where the real work comes in is I want to make rgb underglow but can't use reds or blues. Would it be possible to preprogram a random mode that would skip over these? In a perfect world I want to be able to have Color select, music, and random color modes. Then have them all follow the rules of two modes street and full range where street avoids using colors that would get me pulled over.

I have been looking at:

And I would just cut these to size. For those led strips would I use arduino for pwm then run direct lines for voltage so that each LED would be wired to two wires? A 12v and then a port off of the arduino.

And onto the more advanced stuff. I found theses solar LED hubcaps that are controlled by a wireless controller.

Would it be possible to rig up a receiver to pick up the remotes input and then program it into the arduino? So that its all in one nice little chip vs having a remote and controller.

I have absolutely no experience with this I've had these books for like 3 years now but never really did anything with it.

I've looked through the LED chapters but nothing on 12v. The fourm was pretty vauge on the first few pages beside the fact I need multiple resistors in the circuit to not burn the LEDs. I would prefer to do this through the battery and not the cigarette lighter.

What arduino should I use I have a uno r3 and Leonardo on hand I have no problem getting others. Any idea on a better LED strip or is the one I have fine?

So no one can help me out with this? Its not like I'm asking you to code this for me or draw up a diagram... Just whether splitting some wires will give me the same voltage between the two and if the arduino is capable of picking up wireless signals through say a light sensor or the sort. Its called brain storming sorry non of you are kind enough to point someone in the right direction. I've had more help coding on a tibia bot thread than this community and they are hackers and cheats..


No-one is replying because no-one is taking you seriously. Your first post was a flood of ideas, questions and irrelevant information. The experts on this forum have seen first posts like this many times before. They know that they are wasting their time replying. If they do, the new forum member soon realizes how much they will have to learn and work to achieve their goal, and they give up.

If you want to be taken seriously, start with something simple and more suited to a beginner. Use basic components that other Arduino users have used before.

In general, it is extremely difficult to take a controller or wireless controller and use it with Ardunino. The internal operation and wireless signals of such controllers are not published and do not follow any standard. Even experts would face a big challenge to do this.

I suggest you start with an Arudino Uno or Nano and a single rgb led. When you have that working, fading your colours and avoiding the colours you don't want and switching between the different patterns, then move on to an led strip.



Some of your problem with this question is that 1/2 the world doesn’t know who/what/when and where a Kia Soul is?
Also what is " pair of led speakers stock".
Can you post a picture of these and tell us what the LEDs do?

Tom…(Kia Rio owner, don’t have led speakers)… :slight_smile: