Kickstarter: Organize your online media all in one place at a glance and touch

Noteu is a real time Wi-Fi display which seamlessly keeps you up to date with media such as Facebook, Twitter, Email and RSS. IFTTT support is defiantly in Noteu's future!

I spent a huge amount of time with the Arduino community especially Nick Gammon and CrossRoads getting the guts of Noteu to work finally pushing it to Kickstarter a few days ago.

Noteu's initial prototype is made using Arduino's 40pin 1284P microcontroller, an ESP8266 Wi-Fi chip and Adrafruits 2.8" crisp capacitive TFT LCD display. its programmed and debugged through a FTDI usb to serial converter as shown in the images below.

If you look at my previous Kickstarters this is my fourth attempt for Noteu starting all the way from a 20x2 character LCD and only half a vacuum formed case!! Through one fun but torturous year I've got it up to starch. Through funding I will take it into manufacturing using an SMD version of the microcontroller and source my own PCB as well as displays from manufactures in china. From there I have a product I can market and get on the shelf's or online stores!

I would love it if you could check it out! : Noteu: Stream your Information Effortlessly by Jack Trowbridge — Kickstarter

The biggest spike in funding usually happens in the first two days I've learnt through my Kickstarters. So that's gone now and its up to people I can reach out too. This is the hardest thing I've ever done and I want nothing more then for people to use Noteu and to experience what I've worked so hard to perfect.

Thank you Arduino community

I have to say that some neat packaging hides a simple LCD display, protoboard, and FTDI interface.

The demo looks cool, so all the best with it!

Also it's nice to see that the advice we give here ends up resulting in a cool-looking end product.