Kinco 4.3" Inch HMI Touch Screen with Arduino Mega 2560

I think the title says what I am trying to ask, does anyone know any way, wiring and libraries, that I can use a Kinco 4.3" Inch HMI Touch Screen with an Arduino Mega 2560 to make a nice GUI that I can use for my project? Anything would be appreciated.

Did you mean the Kinco Automation MT4230T HMI Touchscreen, 4.3"?

When you download the manual do they spell out the protocol and how to program it to do menus? It looks like it is designed to provide a control panel for devices controlled over RS232 serial. They might just provide a Windows program for programming it. I guess you could put an RS232 adapter module on your MEGA and talk to it that way. You might have to program it with Windows and have it send serial commands to your Arduino.