Kinect and arduino


I've been tasked to control a servo motor using arduino and kinect. Anyone have any idea how I can do this project?

Tape the Arduino to the Kinect and then order the stepper to move. If it doesn't move, bash it with your Arduinonect club until it does.

The Kinect outputs a video signal that is just too much data for the meager 20MHz Arduino to process. Whoever gave you this task was setting you up for failure.

Attach the Kinect to a PC, and get the Kinect SDK from Microsoft (

Attach the Arduino to the same PC.

Use VC#, VB, or VC++ to access the Kinect, and write to the Arduino down the serial port.

WoW Arduino and Kinect projects! Very interesting! I am also working with that stuff! This books are really helping me! A lot of installation, especially when combine with Processing, Simple OpenNI lilbrary and many other. You will find some challenge because you will need to install many things, but it works.

is it helping? :grin: