Kinetic art installation - actuators

Hello there,

I am building a moving installation which uses two linear actuators. I want these actuators to extend and move downwards simultaneously, then after a short delay (60000), switch the currents so that they start moving upwards again.

I plan to use an arduino with a relay, 2 actuators with + and - from each being linked into a channel each on the relay. Then relay channels being linked to digital channels on the arduino.

I want the actuators to be on HIGH, so that they extend for 84000, and then stop (LOW). Then after a delay of 60000, I want the currents to swap direction so that the actuators retract and travel upwards for 84000, then for them to stop (LOW). Then I want a delay of 600000 before the whole programme is looped again.

Is this the write code? (Sorry I am a total newbie but enthusiastic so I am keen to get this solved!)

Connect 5v on Arduino to VCC on Relay Module
Connect GND on Arduino to GND on Relay Module
Connect GND on Arduino to the Common terminal (middle terminal)

#define CH1 8 // Connect Digital Pin 8 on Arduino to CH1 on Relay Module
#define CH2 7 // Connect Digital Pin 7 on Arduino to CH3 on Relay Module

void setup ( ){ {
//Setup all the Arduino Pins
pinMode( CH1, OUTPUT ) ; //Positive, actuators moving down
pinMode( CH3, OUTPUT ) ; //Negative, actuators moving up

//Provide power to both relay channels (in sync)
digitalWrite( CH1, HIGH ) ;
digitalWrite( CH3, HIGH ) ;

//Turn off power to both relay channels
digitalWrite( CH1, Low ) ;
digitalWrite( CH3, Low ) ;

void loop ( ) {
digitalWrite( CH1, HIGH ) ; //Postive, actuators moving down
delay( 84000 ) ;
digitalWrite( CH1, LOW ) ; //Actuators turn off
delay( 60000 ) ;
digitalWrite( CH3, HIGH ) ; //Relay 3 switches to NO, Negative, actuators moving up
delay( 84000 ) ;
digitalWrite( CH3, LOW ) ; //Relay 3 switches to NC, Actuators turn off
delay( 600000 ) ;

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am unsure whether this automatically loops?

Also how do i power the relay?

THANK YOU ARDUINO TIME LORDS :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sounds interesting. If you say what type of Arduino and provide links to the exact relay and actuators you are using it would help.

That code will not compile, {} brackets are all over the place and the whole program is commented out (you start a comment with /* and you never finish it), so that will need some fixing. It’s worth at least checking that you can “Verify” a program successfully before asking people to look at it for you.