Kite installation "Long Way Home"


I would like to present you our new installation featuring an arduino to track the position of the kite. Inside the little tower there is a motor and an Arduino. There are two little light sensors and a rotating disc with little holes, one ring of holes for detecting a full rotation and one for detecting the speed. That information is sent to MAX which controls the position of the videos.

Long Way Home is a kinetic narration and spatial experience, in which a kite moving along in a circular path is used in a projected environment. The loop structure of the story, the kite in its clockwise movement, and the repetition of events all emphasize the circular structure of time.

The hand-drawn animation shows an old man walking with a kite. After losing hold of the kite line he makes several attempts to reach it before he finally manages to hang on to the kite. It pulls him up into the sky, while an animated city appears below him. Night falls, and the city’s windows and billboards light up until the city vanishes under a mist of smoke. The old man slowly descends, touching down safely – and holding on to the line of the kite, starting again from the beginning in a never-ending cycle. Sounds are used to illustrate the surroundings and create an atmosphere that underscores the storyline. This installation was realized in collaboration with Katharina Klemm.


Hope you like it!

Kind regards,