KK V5.5 Gyroscope with arduino

Hi Guys,

I am completely new to the world of arduino and computer programming, i have a project to make a drone and the boards that i have are Arduino, Raspberry Pi, KK V5.5 Gyroscope. I want to make a connection between the KK Board and the Arduino so as the arduino controls the flight. I have 4 inputs to the board: AIL, ELE, THR and RUDO. I have no idea about how to program the board nor how to connect it to the arduino can someone help? I am unable to find the manual online...

Thanking you in advance, Akki2401

Without some sort of manual you will not know how to interface with this board. Since it seems to have a 6 pin ISP header, it may already have an MCU. What are the markings on that chip?

Try contacting the vendor.