Knock and knock back lock

Hello Arduino fans,

As a belated Halloween project with the kids, I thought of trying to put a project together where a box or drawer is locked. If you knock on it twice it will knock back a certain sequence, if you knock that sequence back it knocks back another sequence, and if that sequence is knocked it unlocks.

Now as a very very big nooby at arduino, I tried to combine it with other arduino projects like the basic knock lock, the knockblockclock (see instructables) or the echoknocker. However, I am getting lost more and more.

I was thinking that the project should have the sequence recognition where the first if knocksequence1 then knocksequence2, if knocksequence2 then knocksequence3, if knocksequence3 then openservo

The knocking could be done with a pushsolenoid, or with a servo but I reckon the latter is more complicated. The lock cna be unlocked by a pull solenoid or with a servo.

Does anyone think that this is a fun project, what which they want to help us? Any help is appreciated, mostly since it appears that im not grand at programming

Thankyou for any help at all


I think a solenoid should be ideal for a knock knock joke. Very do able i think. The amusseent factor depends on your imagination. If you can factor in a pair of knockers , could be fun.