Knock problems

I have searched around for the answer for this for quite a while now and can't find an answer. I am using the basic knock sketch and schematic provided on the arduino site but the value read in is always 0 and doesn't register a knock no matter what I try.

I have tried two piezos with no luck and this is the one I am trying currently I have it wired with the 1M ohm resistor in parallel like it says but it just won't work. Can I get some help with what might be wrong.

So you don't give us a lot to work on. Other people have got this to work, so it must be your implementation. Post a photo of your setup and post the exact code you are using.

You have to use a bare piezo element, not a buzzer (a buzzer is a powered oscillator circuit that drives a piezo element, you are not connecting to the element)

@grumpy_mike. How have I not given enough information? I have wired everything correcty according to the schematic but when I try it out it won't detect a knock or any noticable change. And the code is the exact code from the arduino site also included in the software so no need to post it.

@MarkT. I don't think this is true. I might be wrong and correct me if I am but I have seen lots of people implement similar piezo buzzers into a knock sensor without a problem.

I have wired everything correcty according to the schematic

You may think you have wired it up correctly but are you sure?
I have lost count of the number of things I have made that dosn’t work first time. I thought I had wired it up right but in the end I had not.
If it doesn’t work something is wrong, if you deny that anything is wrong you will never find the problem.

Anyway your choice.

I know something is wrong haha and I'm not denying it:P I honestly don't think it is the wiring though because it is a really simple circuit :S