knockoff nano and a hall sensor

I have a project using a hall sensor to turn on a LED ring. On my uno it works, but transferring to a knockoff nano I do not seem to get a response from the sensor. Will that board not take data from the sensor? I was not able to do the same thing with a Adafruit Trinket and it turns out the trinket sees the hall data as analog and will not play with serial data. I am worried that same thing is happening here.

Will that board not take data from the sensor?

How should we know as neither we've seen the wiring diagram of your setup yet nor got links to the used hardware (especially the hall sensor). It's probably not a code issue if it works on the UNO as the Nano uses the same processor.

I think what Pylon is trying to say is we need more details.
We need to know specifically which Hall effect sensor you are using, and we need to know exactly how it is connected to the nano. Schematics would be great, and a link to the sensor would be best.