Knowing if DC motor of 12V and 5A can be controlled by Arduino Uno

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I have a DC motor which is 12V and 5A. The DC motor will have to do reverse and forward direction. Is it possible for me to control the motor by using Arduino Uno?

Yes, if You put a motor driver between them.

You would use an H-Bridge motor driver capable of at least 12V and at least 5A.

Like this one available from eBay for under $10:

Yes, you just need an H-bridge to control the reversing of voltage/current thru the motor. Can be a mechanical relay, can be electronic based on MOSFET parts.
You can see here when the Relay is not energized, +12/Gnd is connected to M+ and M- to turn one direction, and when the Relay is energized then Gnd/+12 are connected to M+ and M- to turn the other direction.
A N-channel MOSFET allows current to flow, and can also provide speed control by pulsing the motor current on & off. A 30V/10A rated MOSFET with low Rds would be good for that. Or if speed control is not needed, replace with another relay.

The diode dissipates any motor generated voltage to prevent damage to the MOSFET.

In an all electronic version, the NC/NO contacts are replaced with MOSFETs, and a controller enforces break-before-make actions so that there is no closures allowed that could connect 12V to Gnd.

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Thank you, Sir.

Thank you Sir

Thank you Sir.

Keep in mind that the motor draws the stall current every time it starts up, and that is usually 5x to 10x the free running current.

The motor driver must be able to handle the stall current, so L298 based drivers won't work. Pololu has the best selection of modern motor drivers.

what motor driver should i use to be able to conncect with Arduino so the dc motor can run smoothly?

That all depends on the load on the motor.


You'll get the smooth part with arduino PWM function.
In the list gave by jremington, I think the best one for this usage is VNH5019 (for 2 motors). It's a bit expensive but, I'm afraid L298 will be too short. Of course you can find it everywhere with different prices...


only one motor will be connected to the arduino. the VNH5019 is it a relay?

the load will be max of 10 to 12 KG


It's sort of a static relay as described in
Don't be afraid by the AN :wink: .
Load in Kg is not really a reference because of multiplication, maximum current you send is a better info.


More load, the less smooth will be the speed control with no feedback.

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