knowing library file location from IDE

I have just used the Arduino Boards Manager to install Intel Curie Boards (Arduino/Genuino 101).

I’ve been working through the examples given and now want to try out the BLE examples.

When reviewing the code of one of the BLE examples provided, it includes the following library: <CurieBLE.h>

Now usually when installing libraries manually or with the IDE’s Library Manager… the libraries are all stored in documents/arduino/libraries.

With the Board Manager / Intel Curie Boards, this is not the case.

I am left scratching my head as to where I can find the file (curieble.h) as no documentation is provided explaining location of these library files etc.

This has been requested before, but I would like to make the request again that it will save much time if I could simply click on the library reference in my code to view the file.

In the meantime while I eagerly await this new functionality please could someone tell where to look.


UPDATE: I finally stumbled on the location of the library files via

Still this is messy trying to find library files within the users “AppData” folder (windows) which tends not to be indexed or searchable via windows explorer. Hence the problem.

I agree it would be nice to make it easier for Arduino users to look at the library source and make modifications. It's easy enough for experienced users but a lot of people just see libraries as black boxes so they miss out on some educational opportunities to see how things work under the hood. This would also encourage people to create their own libraries.

They actually are planning to add some functionality for editing library files in Create Editor(the web IDE) so hopefully they will also do something like it in the regular IDE.

The easiest way to find library source files is:

  • Open one of the library examples files from File > Examples
  • Sketch > Show Sketch Folder - this will open the {library folder}/examples/{example name} so you just have to move up a couple of folders to get to the library source files(sometimes they are in {library folder}/src).

Well I'll be.... it's been there all along and never actually noticed this menu option (or had a need for it until now) after all these +6 years. Thanks @pert. A nice and simple solution. Problem solved in my opinion.