Knowing the current sensing of a motor without motor shield.

Having the Arduino Motor Shield I discovered that it can take as an input the current sensing of them.
Is there a way to take this input without the motor shield?
The reason is that the motor shield is incompatible with other sensors that I'll need to put in my project.
Thank you!

There are numerous current sensors and modules to choose from, so I recommend googling for "arduino current sensor" and familiarizing yourself with the options.

The simplest way is likely to use a current shunt on the -ive supply to the motor and feed the shunt voltage into an ADC input. You can buy a purpose made shunt resistor or just use a little length of nichrome wire or even a thin length of copper wire like a single strand from a larger wire as a shunt resistor. Watch electro-boom's video on current shunts and read search for arduino examples.

Look at using an INA219.

Video on how to use it here....