Known bug in cosm example / ethernet lib?

Before I embark on a debugging session, is there any known issue in the ethernet library or cosm example in 1.0.1 where it would do the following:

I have an Arduino that logs to Cosm (Pachube) every 10 sec and was logging for many days fine. I noticed yesterday it stopped logging to Cosm. I have a telnet-like daemon on the Arduino to allow me to telnet into it and issue some queries (e.g. it can report on errors that happened). However, as soon as I telneted in I saw my Cosm http requests being echo'd back. This is not expected, the Cosm code only writes to its own EthernetClient socket (lifted from the 1.0.1 example) yet it was writing down my telnet accepted socket. Clearly, the Cosm code has ended up using the wrong socket and was failing with its own. It smells like there's a problem in the Cosm example code as I see some other guys have reported problems with it - is this one of them? I hate to think it might be an ethernet lib bug.