Kohctpyktop: a game for engineers

Hei, I just saw a game fetured in MAKE magazine.
Where you have to design integrated circuits as a challenge, sort of like pipe dream for electrical engineers


the game is made by Zachtronics Industries:

Enjoy :wink:


Interesting - looks like a more advanced version of The Learning Company’s “Robot Odyssey” title from the 1980’s:

It was a game aimed at kids (mainly) in which you had to guide robots thru a maze of problems by custom wiring (and designing) logic chips to interface with each robot’s sensors to form “hard-wired” logic programs to solve the puzzles (sometimes you had to wire up two robots with different functions and coordinate their operations together).

If you’ve never played it, it sounds simple, but it was a really complicated game, and very engaging (I never finished it on my TRS-80 Color Computer; it was also available for the Apple IIe and DOS). You can probably easily find it online for emulation usage. For its time, it was a really fun game. I wish the Learning Company would re-release it, updated for modern hardware (done right, you could use it for robotics simulation, I would imagine).


[edit]Well heck, I just found this on the Wiki article I posted:


I’ll have to try it out (maybe even compare it to my original Robot Odyssey copy on my CoCo!)…