KS0108 glcd I2c communication

Hi guys,

I'm using for my project engineer an Arduino MEGA board connected with a KS0108 display I2C communication that I bought in this web site :
I used the library of Nick Gammon : http://www.gammon.com.au/ Arduino / I2C_graphical_LCD_display.zip
that I downloaded here : Gammon Forum : Electronics : Microprocessors : Connecting a graphical LCD via a I2C/SPI using a 16-bit port expander
Everything works good except that I can not find how to display the content of a variable.

Like an example: I declare int x = 2;
How I can display the content of x ??? I thought that it would work with lcd.writeData (x); but unfortunately it seems that this is not the right function.

So my first question is: how to display on the KS0108 I2C the content of a byte an int , const int, float uint_8 etc ??
My second question is how to display 2 digits max after floating point ??

This is really urgent, thank you for helping me.

Just as a follow-up for completeness,
I gave Nick some updates for the library that he has incorporated to add Print class support
to the library.
This means that you case use the print() function to print strings and numbers just like on the serial port.
The library also has a function setInv() to set the inverse mode.

The library on Nicks page referenced above, now contains these updates.

--- bill