KS0108 (Graphic LCD) Controller library

Hi Guys/girls,

I've found a Library for the popular 128 X 64 Graphic LCDs using the KS0108 Controller, what I dont know to convert this library for use with the arduino.

The page is here, and the link to the Library is about 1/2 way down


Does any one know of a Library for interfacing arduino to a graphic LCD using the KS0108 controller?

It seems that the 16X2 (Hitachi) and smaller are well and truly documented, but little is available on larger LCD displays.

Regards Whitto

I've got one too and the biggest hurdle is it chews a massive number of pins.

I'm waiting for some custom Atmega32 pcbs to arrive to play with it. It'll make it significantly easier.

Hi Cheater,

I was working on converting the library to be"arduino" compatible. (even if it did use lots of leads)

have you already done that? It would save me heaps of time....:)

Regards Cwhitto

Could someone post a code sample for controlling the ks0108 with an arduino?


Don't bother wasting time interfacing in parallel to this. Go to


This is a serial enabled 128x64 LCD screen. It is very easy to use (once you understand how to use it, soemtimes you have to insert timing delays for certain commands).

If you look down the list on the forum here, you will see my posts regarding Serial data issues. This is because I am trying to write a library for this LCD screen using serial data pins that are NOT 0 and 1. Also, the link above is to a green/black screen. I have the white/blue one, but I think sparkfun may have taken it off the site for now.....