KS0108 LCD and Arduino Nano PCB

Hi all,
I need to wire up an arduino nano and a KS0108 based 128x64 LCD display, if someone hase experience in it I need a confirmation of the connection scheme before printing the PCB.
The extra pad are for serial and leds, I need only the LCD to arduino connections.

This is the display
http://www.futurashop.it/allegato/1446-LCD128X64.asp?L2=OPTOELETTRONICA&L1=COMPONENTI ELETTRONICI&L3=DISPLAY LCD&cd=1446%2DLCD128X64&nVt=&d=29,50

see the attached eagle scheme in PDF

Any help will be appreciated !



display demo.pdf (11.8 KB)

I add also the eagle files if someone want to use as base for other projects, as above it is not yet tested.

waiting for any help :slight_smile:



display pcb.zip (25.5 KB)