KS0108 LCD touch shield

Maybe one day seeedstudio or somebody else could create a sheild based on the KS0108 LCD including a touch screen on it? Anything that is already existing or ongoing maybe?

Well one issue is that the KS0108 takes almost all the pins but there would just be enough left for a touch screen too if you changed the KS0108 pinout slightly.

Sure, why not? :)

Well, it could be a shield for the Mega board instead. An example to what can be done is found in my video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmPMXdDtJJ4

What's wrong with ITead's ITDB02 shield?



It IS a lot of pins, though...

Did not know that shield existed, great pricing as well, but! - I wish it had a bigger display area as the KS0108 or bigger

  • Would like it connect direct on to the Mega without a shield adapter so it has a thin design and is easy to build in projects.

  • Library for the KS0108 is far more easy and user friendly

Still the ITDB02 looks as a great piece just not suited for my needs.