KS0108 library SPI serial mode?

Ciao a tutti, ho un vecchio display Winstar 22 pin 12864 REV.J WZ-1, ora funziona con la libreria u8glib-KS0108 in modo parallelo.
Ho bisogno di liberare un po di pin e usarlo in modo SPI seriale.
E' possibile? C'è una libreria per questo?

Hello everyone, I have an old 22-pin display Winstar 12864 REV.J WZ-1, now works with the library u8glib-KS0108 in parallel.
I need to free up some of the pin and use it SPI serial.
it's possible? There is a library for this?
Thank You. Sorry for google translate.

The display itself does not support SPI.


Thank you very much Oliver.


Have you ever looked at doing an i/o interface layer for the MCP23016 & MCP23017 that could sit on top of the existing LCD code?
That way users could wire up an i/o expander to parallel devices like the ks0108 and reduce the Arduino pin count.

I’ve got it in the plans for openGLCD just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

— bill

Hi Bill

Well, yes, I was thinking about such an expander. But at the moment I am too busy with other topics. In fact I do not plan to add such a feature to U8glib in the near future.