KS0108 Noob Question

I purchased a KS0108 (Adafruit product # 188) last week, and have wired it up to a UNO per the Ardunio Playground’s
recommendations of “Pin-out B”. The backlight is lit, and the contract control is working properly. I do not have the
RESET pin wired per the library documentation. I also have the GLCD v3 library installed.

My understanding that the UNO is the MEGA-328, and the library header (configuration file) is the “ks0108-arduono.h”.

Using the code provided with the GLCD library, I compiled and uploaded the GLCD Diagnostics program and it runs fine
(Output is to the serial monitor – this ‘appears’ correct), but if I run any of the other demo programs, I do not get any
output on the display.

I don’t think there is anything else ‘code’ wise that is needed to assign the output pins is there, or did I missing something along the line.?


Adafruit has Extensive instruction as well as libraries for their products, generally very well done, I got my little 1.8" display working in about 30 minutes... first time I didn't install the directories properly and it took 2 tries have you looked there. Without more than it don't work" there isn't a great deal anyone can do for you. Without the sketch and a very clear schematic and a picture of what you might have done it is very hard to guess... So Yep... It's Probably broke...


TIA, When you run the diags sketch do you see the message "Test PASSED" on the serial port? When the diag sketch runs do you see the glcd displays as shown in the included HTML documentation?

To see the diag displays bring up the HTML documentation and click on [Arduino GLCD Library] [GLCD Graphical LCD Library] [Troubleshooting]

Then to see the displays click on [Diagnostic Sketch]

--- bill