ks0108 to t6963c converter

I need to make an converter to use an t6963c instead ks0108 or vice versa, but i don't know how the ks0108 works and need some help.
Is there any tutorial or a good site? I am thinking of using another atmega to stay between the microprocessor and LCD, recording everything to memory and then send to the new lcd every time there is a change. Has anyone done it before?

Is there any tutorial or a good site?

There is google, there are datasheets...

need some help

From a cost and effort perspective it is cheaper to buy a ks0108 display than to put a uC in between.


Why do you want to adapt between two different LCDs?

Wouldn't it be easier to just use the graphics library for the correct LCD?

Interfacing Toshiba T6963C LCD to Atmel AVR microcontroller has one that I know works, once you adjust your pins and tweak a few things for the newer Arduino 1.0 SW..

I got several old MIDI devices for repair, and usualy they got t6963 or Ks0108.
The t6963 is more expensive and better, but is hard to find every time I need it. My ideia is put one microcontroller and select what lcd I will use.