KTM-S1201 LCD Display Code

I recently purchased on eBay a KTM-S1201 12 DIGIT 7 SEG LCD on ebay for $1.27 with free shipping. To me this was a no brainer given that it came with sample code. After some fiddling around I was able to get the example code working and the display showing the “demo”.

The code was a bit painful to work with so I wrote numerous functions and changed the code so you can quickly send a string and update the display.

ktmWriteString("Hello World");

Is all it takes to change/update the display. I even modified the code to include a dash and degree symbol as I wanted to display the temperature with a DHT11.

So for those of you with a KTM-S1201 display this code is probably very helpful for you. For those of you who don’t $1.27 with shipping included to the US is cheap if you want a cheap display.

KTMS1201Example.zip (3.84 KB)