Kuya Marc is NOW in the Arduino Forum!

It’s Breaking News!

Hello Everybody! I’m Kuya Marc, the founding director of the original 1992 MirandaSoft (from USA, presently offline). (I hate talking about myself!)

June 2010 - ProtoStack from Australia instroduces me to Atmel AVR with the ATmega168 Development Kit & USBasp, as my birthday gift.

September 2010 - I began teaching myself the Arduino Programming Language, on my own. Became a Lone Gunman at Arduino!

October 2010 - I began experimenting with Arduino bootloaders with the ProtoStack boards.

November 2010 - Successfully constructed two Arduino-compatible boards using ATmega8L mCUs with 16 MHz crystals.

December 2010 - Completed building a total of 12 Atmel AVR boards for the year 2010. 9 of those boards are Arduino-compatible!

January 2011 - I’ve deleted my hobby blog and Signed up with Arduino Forum. I figured it’s time to meet other Arduino hobbyists.

Locally Available Atmel AVRs (Metro Manila, Philippines): ATtiny2313V, ATmega8515, ATmega8L, ATmega169PV, and ATmega128. I won’t consider ATmega169PV and ATmega128 because I don’t know how to do SMT soldering!

Incoming, as of this writing, from Seeed Studio: Seeeduino V2.2 (ATmega328), Wiznet Ethernet Shield, SD Card Shield, a 2 8x8 Red matrix LED squares. (That was the limitation of my PayPal account!)

New for 2011: I plan to start Ethernet and SD Card projects with Arduino, using my (future, not yet arrived) Seeeduino board.

Originally, I was going to get the Arduino UNO from RS Components Philippines, as referred by the Arduino Team, but they’re too slow, and seemed to have forgotten about me when I was ordering from Seeed Studio website. As of this writing, I have cancelled my order with RS Components, 3 hours ago, because they refused to lower the price of the Arduino UNO.

However, the Arduino UNO is presently on my shopping cart at Seeed Studio. I waiting for my first order to arrive before paying for my second order.

Why do I still want to buy the Arduino UNO? I have built 9 Arduino-compatible boards, so far. As I told my wife, it’s time for me to buy the real branded thing, so I can experience Italian-made electronics technology. (Seeeduino, to experience Chinese-made microcontroller development board technology; not sold locally.)

Anyways, this is all for now. Have a nice day, everybody!

Kuya Marc

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

(I hate talking about myself!)

No you don’t - but welcome, all the same!


Thank you for welcoming me to Arduino Forum!

Welcome, although reading your post I felt like if you were a celebrity ‘geek’ ;D

Well, I’m just a geek that’s addicted to making Arduino-compatible boards… :wink:

I think you will be pleased with your Seeeduino 328. It’s not just a clone but rather a updated design having several improvements (in my opinion) over the standard Arduino. I’ve been very impressed with their version of the mega board.