KY-008 Laser Sensor Module could I run this modile 24/7 without overheating it?

I bought this item intended to use for trip wire for pest like rats and stuff, now I know that heat is normal for electronics but I just want to know if I could use this module 24/7 as it was made of copper which could be a heat sink. I want to know the opinion of this community as i know there is a lots of professional in here.

If it is fitted with the "910" - 91 Ω resistor then it will draw about 25 mA at 5 V and the laser itself will dissipate about 50 mW.

With the reasonable sized brass ferrule, it should stay reasonably cool in free air and so presumably should be durable.

Pardon me, but this late at night, I do not fancy rooting around in my bin to verify that resistor value. :grinning: